Tanish Feeding a baby

Tanish and myself went to the library and he was so obsessed with the baby doll there. He started feeding it with milk and then also fed him food. Here are those rare moments :


Tanish dressing himself

Tanish wanted to apply talcum powder himself and also wanted to wear my T-shirt. Here are the snaps which shows how smart he looks 🙂

Well the T-shirt was almost like a frock for him 🙂

Helper for Tanish to talk

This lady Peggy comes to help Tanish to talk freely. She gives a lot of ideas and she is the one who gave a lot of information on book reading. She educated me about flash cards. If Tanish speaks even a single word now I dedicate that to this lady who has been my moral support all along. My own family just used to ask ” He hasn’t spoken yet ? ” and well they never give any suggestion to the problem as always. My family is good to find faults alone!!

Thanks to god for sending this Peggy my way 🙂


I made home made flash cards and made a video of how I am training Tanish. I showed the same to Peggy. She said “You are a hardworking and a smart mom” . I just wish atleast in my next birth I am surrounded by people who talk such nice positive things to me 🙂