I shouldn’t name this as Swimming as I am yet to learn swimming but this is something which I have explored and learnt, so proud of it to list here.

Explored leggings which can be worn as swim suit and also a T-shirt which can be worn to enter in YMCA family pool along with my younger son. My husband has stressed upon getting this suit so that I can utilize YMCA membership to its best.

The water in the pool is maintained at a particular temperature and hence its not cold also which is good.





The best thing that I learnt is driving which kind of gives you independence in moving around and taking your kids around in car. This was really helpful this summer to keep my kids busy 🙂

Thanks to Paul, my driving instructor. My husband got me a second hand car so that I can drive around and keep my kids busy 🙂


First book read after Tanish

After my second son it is difficult to spend some time for reading. But I did take it as a challenge and did complete one book this summer. I usually love mystery novels and hence started with Agatha Christie

My first successful book completed was this 🙂

On to my next book … 🙂



Hair cut trials

I had a longing for cutting hair for atleast one of my kids. My husband also had a similar idea. If we dont try out now they are not going to allow us to try something on their hair after they grow up. This is the first trail 🙂

I did only help but my husband did the complete styling :). It is still one of my learning.Sorry could get only a side snap 🙂