Helper for Tanish to talk

This lady Peggy comes to help Tanish to talk freely. She gives a lot of ideas and she is the one who gave a lot of information on book reading. She educated me about flash cards. If Tanish speaks even a single word now I dedicate that to this lady who has been my moral support all along. My own family just used to ask ” He hasn’t spoken yet ? ” and well they never give any suggestion to the problem as always. My family is good to find faults alone!!

Thanks to god for sending this Peggy my way 🙂


I made home made flash cards and made a video of how I am training Tanish. I showed the same to Peggy. She said “You are a hardworking and a smart mom” . I just wish atleast in my next birth I am surrounded by people who talk such nice positive things to me 🙂


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