SCOPE 2016

Kids who are in advanced (gifted program) in school are eligible to attend a summer camp named SCOPE. This was suggested by one of his class teachers. So we joined him. It was a hectic schedule for me and him. Sridhar used to drop him in the morning and by afternoon 1 I need to pick him up. I had just learned driving and so I avoid highways. It makes the drive close to 25 mins. This camp was at Allison Middle School. It was for 4 days a week from Monday to Thursday for the entire month of June. He was exposed to a lot of interesting stuff here

1. Forensic Science – How do they solve crimes in general ? How to follow clues ? Finger print stuff,DNA and what not . I was allowed to join on the last day of each week. I joined for this class as I love this subject. Her teacher had depicted a crime scene and asked us to solve by splitting us into teams. It was so much fun and so memorable. Me and Gaurish enjoyed it.

The teacher on the floor is the one murdered with the blood on her shirt 🙂 Teams are ready and they need to investigate the clues to find the murderer.

2. Soccer – He did get introduced to rules and did some game playing. But he did get tired as it was too hot outside.


3. Building structures –  K’NEXtm Roller Coasters – He built a roller coaster model and I just missed seeing it in display as Tanish slept off that day and I could reach there only to pick up Gaurish.He also built a lot of other model structures

Below is the picture of other model structures.

4. Beginning Chess – I had taught him some basics of the game but he learnt some tactical moves in the class and I was happy that we got a slot for this class

5. Beginning Coding – This was one of my favorites. Yes , I love coding and I am the only coder(programmer) in the family till now 🙂 He did a lot of logical coding basics in a tool named Scratch and it was fun for him.

  • He did a 2 level (stage) Maze puzzle
  • He did a basic cooking type of game in which you can get cash from customer and get utensils for your cooking
  • Started creating games (basic ones) with his own idea for his level

He also did intermediate Coding in the 3rd week.

6. Editing With iMovie – He had done movies with iMovie and it just brought me tears as it was really good. Tech stuff 🙂

Link is

This has the collection of all the videos made by his classmates.

  • His video is Video 8 “SCOPISH”. Just check his character introductions.I am not saying because he is my child but his idea was brilliant  
  • He also has made the video 19 “SCOPE Spy” . This was an average one.

7. Beginning LEGOtm Robotics – This is one of the classes in high demand and they get filled fast.They give you a kit with which you can program and make the robot to move. Below is the picture of him with his partner in lab 🙂

I had made videos of his robot moving 🙂

Video 1

Video 2

The other classes were Puzzle creations, Alfresco Mind Games, Beginning Minecraft and KEVA Contraptions





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