Sridhar’s Bday 2016

I had promised that I will not get angry or yell at him for this whole day how much ever they provoked me 🙂 We had planed to go to the temple. My kids dressed up like “gangsters” (That’s what gaurish called himself and his brother)

Gaurish dressed himself with this attire and dressed his brother as well. The apparel that Tanish wore was not a set and Gaurish did the mix and match and I should say it was pretty cool 🙂 Cap selection and the style of wearing is all his choice 🙂


Went to Temple and then we went to a restaurant “Mumbai Rail” as both my elder son and my husband wanted to eat out :). Tanish slept during lunch and hence had his lunch at home. I had planned to make Vada but my husband said his tummy felt too heavy after having non-veg. “Vadai cancel ” 🙂

I succeeded in not getting angry nor yelling at anybody that day even though my hubby and my elder son provoked me a lot of times 🙂

The next day I made vada and we all loved it



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