Snack Making at School

Gaurish wanted me to make snacks for his entire class at school during Second Grade. I had the idea that I will make something quick and easy like Kesari 🙂 for sweet. But my son was very particular that he will take one sweet and one spicy item (Karam). He also added “If you make Urad Vada my whole class will eat it and they will love it”. So finally decision was made to make Dal Payasam (with Jaggery) and Urad Vada.

I also made a print out of what are the ingredients and nutrition value of each of these items and some fun facts. I went to his class by afternoon and to my surprise his mam Ms.Badgett

  • Told me to distribute the snacks with my own hands and I was super excited
  • Took my print out and presented it in front of the class on a projector like a study material

My little one was in his stroller watching what all the kids are doing and excited

I had made almost 38-40 vadas for a class of 25 students. Kids loved my vadas more than the payasam.To my surprise, kids came to me and asked for the recipe of Vada 🙂

It was a wonderful experience and my son enjoyed it too.


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