Aadi 18

My concept of pooja and offering Prasad to god is something like “Do it relaxed so that you feel God’s love and enjoy what you are doing”. So if I am forced to do a ritual/tradition when I am tired or sick then I do it with hatred. Hatred on god and also on the person who forces me to do it even if I am physically not stable.

Aadi 18 came up and I wanted to do some offering to god but was not sure if I will be able to do it as it was Summer vacation for my kids and they dont give me time to even eat 🙂

One of my friends forwarded this message and said this happens once in 12 years.So my urge to do something just increased.


Anyways somehow made Sweet pongal today and offered to god. Feeling happy and accomplished as it was a tough task for me with 2 kids at home 🙂


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