Smores Making

We are from India so everything is new in a different country like US.

My elder son goes to school here and one day he comes and says I want to try smores. My mind voice keeps saying “What is that ? Is that edible ? Is that vegetarian? Is it spicy/sweet ?” . My son pulls me from my thoughts and says just get me the ingredients and I will make it. So we got the ingredients and whats wrong to try it once and see if we like it.

1. Take one Honey Maid cracker
2. Place Hersheys chocolate on top of it
3. Place a marshmallow on top pf another cracker
4. Bake it in an oven
5. Place both the honey maid crackers on top of each other
Your smores is ready 🙂

If someone says “Smores” now we know what it is and that is the reason why we tried it. We should keep pepping up our knowledge 🙂


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