Service to Community

I am in H4 Visa. I think it is too irritating to have worked before and then sitting in H4. All working women who have quit their jobs to take care of kids and family will agree with me right 🙂

Here are some ways to keep yourself occupied and also get the feel that you have contributed something back to the community

  1. Most of the americans here love Indian food. If you get a chance to give them the taste of our food then dont miss it. My husband works with a person called Steve and he likes to try Indian food in small quantity. So I send some with my husband. He has tried my pulao, lemon rice and vangi bath rice. Today got this note from him through my husband. Oh yah!!! I have stuck this to my fridge 🙂

2. We use a lot of plastic cans/bottles as most of the things here are sold that way. We can reuse them and still will be left out with a lot more. You can check out for a nearby temple/ place of worship where these bottles will be of great use. You can wash them , clean them and place them at temples. In our area there is lot of events at the temple which involves food preparation and these bottles help in packing food for students. I might not know who is using my cans but I feel since I give with a good intention I will get back good 🙂


3. Check with your local library if they accept kids print outs as donation. Most of the libraries do accept. Then go online and check for kids printables (free) and print them at your home or apartment office at your free time. You can donate them to the library. End of the day you will feel a sense of satisfaction that you had put your free time to some use 🙂

You can print coloring pages, mazes, join the dots, sudoku puzzles and a lot more.


4.Gaurish attends Balvihar classes which teaches values,culture and tradition of Indians. There is an yearly event conducted by them. We also have a food drive to bring in donations. People cook items and hold a stall and sell them to people who come in for the event. The money that comes in goes to the temple.Me and a couple of my friends(Ranjitha , Priya Mani and Kalyani) joined together and made Urad vadas (almost 200 in number). Our small contribution to the temple 🙂


5. Hindi class cooking

We formed a team with Priya Mani and Kalyani’s family to cook for Hindi class students. We had a wonderful time and learnt a lot. Some snaps of food prepared for the year 2016-2017




6. ugadi 2017 vada making 100

7. thanksgiving lunch cooking

8. Ramayana Class


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