Starting of Summer

Summer has started as it is end of March. This is how my house looks at almost 11 in the morning as I have 2 boys. Now tell me how I am supposed to manage my summer ? 🙂

Just see my bedroom (pillows on the floor) !!! 🙂

I am just waiting for the Summer Camp for my elder son which I hope will keep him occupied 🙂

Sometimes my elder son gets too mischievous and here are some samples. This is in mid of july. He puts a pillow as cushion for his brother’s bike and checks if its comfortable :). Yes!!! you can build house/hut using pillow cushions 🙂

One day my elder son was playing and all of a sudden I didnt hear any sound and when I came and saw he was just asleep. He didn’t even realize he is asleep 🙂


My little one is also equally naughty 🙂

He will say he will play with crayons and scatter it everywhere :). He says he will play with spoons and spatulas and throw it everywhere around the house. One time he took his small step stool and climbed the shelf and got talcum powder and put it on his head 🙂

He will say he will brush his teeth but end of the day he will be playing with water :). Once you say you can brush he will run and bring his step stool 🙂


After all this hard work he has his fruits 🙂


We all are getting ready for friday night movie in the hall 🙂



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