Summer Fun 2016

We had a wonderful summer as we get to drive around and enjoy. Just wanted to list down what all we did for summer.
1. Summer Reading :  We enrolled in Summer reading at Rockwell and Derby Libraries. It was fun for both kids. They give us food coupons, Free book and fun toys to encourage kids to read.

Summer Reading program for kids below 3 yrs will have fun tasks like create musical instruments using kitchen utensils. We tried that too 🙂

We made a video of vessel drumming also 🙂

2. Programs at the Library – There will be schedules posted at the library for summer specifically. You can get them at visit the library based on the programs you are interested. We attended some of them


That’s Gaurish making a Olympic Torch while my little champ was sleeping

3. Derby Library – We visit this library often :

Board games – There are board games to play. We had a great time playing Guess Who, Connect 4, Sorry and Hedbanz

Play area – There is a play area for kids below 5yrs and Tanish enjoys his time there. His favorite toy is shape matching.

Book Reading – We also take books and sit and read there

4. Pool at the apartment – Swimming pool in the apartment is a great place to spend your time during summer

5. Cooking by Gaurish – He took a cook book from Library and did cooking. Some yogurt dish with fruits and nuts.

Cycling – Well we did some cycling with the training wheels still on 🙂 We have our own reasons that the air in the tubes were less and so we had to correct it and then start with our cycling trip. This had a dependency on Sridhar. By the time things were sorted out we just had 2 weeks of summer left and hence didn’t have time to train without training wheels. May be next year 🙂

We dont wait till evening for going for a walk. We go even in the morning at 11 🙂

“Enjoy summer as much as possible” is our Mantra


Chess Playing – We did some chess playing during summer and it was fun 🙂



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