Summer 2016

Playing with Bubbles :

This is really a fun thing to do for kids. My sons love it as I allow them only during summer.

Dancing on bed – Oh!!! My boys love dancing in bed and just see them doing it in this video. They tuned the radio and are dancing for that tune.

Tanganyika Wildlife Park – We visited this zoo on a weekend and my boys enjoyed feeding the animals. What all did we do ?

  1. Fed the fish
  2. Fed the Giraffe
  3. Tried Camel Ride
  4. Fed the parrots
  5. Patted the kangaroo
  6. Fed the rabbits
  7. Felt the turtle shell on a live turtle
  8. Fed the Lemur

Had a great time and the kids loved it. One of the parrots just sat on Gaurish’s head and it was so nice to see his reaction to it.



Monopoly at home – Me and my elder son play monopoly often at home. This came as a gift for his birthday. We had a great time playing it this summer

 Snap Circuits at home – Tried building the snap circuits. They were fun as I tried learning from my son. He tells me “Mom ! LEDs have to be connected with resistors  in a circuit !” … Trust me, though we know it its nice to hear it from my son 🙂


East YMCA Swim Pool – Water is warm. So we try to make it there as well when time permits. This definitely helps to keep the kids busy 🙂


 Towne East Square Mall – I take the kids to the mall nearby to play in the play area. Just a time pass for the kids… 🙂

 Learning Tamil – Oh yah ! we do study at times 🙂 He knows his vowels and consonants in tamil. I at times give him dictation but he should be in good mood else this doesnt work. My son started getting cranky towards the end of dictation that just to make it funny I started giving him words buffalo, donkey etc to write 🙂

 Science exhibitions – Took my kids to Mini Maker Faire which happened at “Exploration Place”. Gaurish had a fun time 🙂

  1. He made a paper rocket and launched it
  2. Did a spectacle with 3D drawing pen. This is the one that I simply loved for the technology
  3. Learnt about 3D printing from the displays
  4. Tried some sample robotics through LEGO sets
  5. Made his signature in the Blue Pyramid of rhythm
  6. Saw a live blacksmith do some work with his tools
  7. How a bonsai plant looks ?
  8. Explored Marble race tracks
  9. Program which studies your brain waves
  10. HoloLens – This is something which I missed and both son and dad said it was awesome !!!!

Finally we closed our trip with a scoop of home made ice cream for my two sons which they enjoyed thoroughly 🙂

Tanish building blocks all by himself – First he was not sure how to use them. That’s when I started taking him to library where he started learning by looking at other kids.This is his first building block tower all by himself with zero hep from us.

 Cooking fun at home – We do go on a cooking spree based on our mood 🙂                             Both my sons cooking at our balcony. What do you want to order ? 🙂


We also went to the library where the elder one dressed up the younger one 🙂                          Style Eppudi !!!


In Library me and Gaurish playing “The Scrambled States of America” game :

Real cooking : My elder son loves cooking for some reason . So taught him how to make egg omelette as that is easier. He made one for dad 🙂                                                               Obviously dad has no complaints 🙂


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