Birthday Bash 2016

This year my elder one turned 8 and my younger one 2. We had so much discussion as to decide whether we can have a party. But finally decided we will celebrate within our family. From my side I did poli and Rava Ladoo . Well Poli is my first time and it was great is the comment from my son. So I patted my self “Great Job”

Sridhar did the decorations from his side which we had purchased from Party City

What did we do on the day of the birthday :

  • Morning all of us took bath and prayed to god keeping all the clothes and then gave aarti and prayed. In-Laws joined in Facetime. We had bought same clothing with different size for both the kids and Gaurish loved it. I shared the snaps to my friends here and all said “Same clothing looks cute”
  • Gaurish has chosen the Cake decoration “Two Peas in a Pod” which literally means two babies from the same mom as he felt so connected to his brother as they both were born on the same date. I loved his theme and presence of mind.
  • We distributed cakes to friends and one of our friends had given a surprise gift Monopoly game which he has been asking for days now. He was so excited. Tanish was also excited about his new toy
  • We went for P.F. Changs for lunch where Gaurish had chicken and then we came back and slept
  • Evening we went for Chuck E Cheese where we had a wonderful time.We didnt go to the temple as he had chicken

Beautiful and complete birthday for all of them except me as my parents couldnt reach me nor could I reach them. Missed them badly as I still love them very much !!

The gifts that my husband got for their Bdays 🙂 I am not too much into gifts but my husband always says he wants to give his best for his boys…


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