College Days

One of my college friends Ramya had these hard copies and shared them with all of us. That’s really nice of her to share the soft copies. Great memories indeed. I forgot for what reason we had worn the same dress and then when I finally checked with my college mates I knew we did chumma 🙂 …. Naan kooda etho tech symposiumnu ninaichitaen 🙂



Learning Swift

I was telling my son about Swift programming language in iPhone. He started exploring apps to learn swift in app store and installed it in iPad. He started asking questions about overloading , polymorphism etc. I told him its too early for him 🙂

Him exploring the app in iPad during summer 🙂



I shouldn’t name this as Swimming as I am yet to learn swimming but this is something which I have explored and learnt, so proud of it to list here.

Explored leggings which can be worn as swim suit and also a T-shirt which can be worn to enter in YMCA family pool along with my younger son. My husband has stressed upon getting this suit so that I can utilize YMCA membership to its best.

The water in the pool is maintained at a particular temperature and hence its not cold also which is good.